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Compare and find similarof musical files (MP3, WMA, losseless) by content, tags
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This program can compare and find similar (duplicates) of musical files (MP3, WMA, ASF, WAV, FLAC, APE, WV).
The analysis is made on contents of a file, it is necessary to note that similarity of a sound part is checked,
using various algorithms FFT, Wavelet, math statistics, i.e. any bit-by-bit comparison is not made, therefore it is necessary for program to decode a musical file. Also the program can compare values of ID3, ASF, APE tags and names of files. Feature of the program is that that it counts up a certain estimation of a file and does not demand constant presence of the carrier with a file, in other words for the analysis it is possible to specify files on time carriers of CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, flash, all of them will equally participate in comparison correctly.

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