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Similarity finds and eliminates duplicate pictures and songs
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Similarity can help you solve the problem of organizing your music and picture collection by finding and eliminating duplicated items. Unlike standard duplicate-search applications which base their results on such file characteristics as size, filename, format and tags, Similarity actually compares the files’ contents to find the coincidences. What is more, it works independently of the file format.

The application’s graphic user interface makes it very intuitive as it is quite similar to that of Windows Explorer. You can easily check the folders you wish to scan and start finding duplicates. Fortunately, it supports a great number of both image and sound formats. It is a pity that it takes quite a long time to show the results, but it is logical if we take into consideration the great amount of data to analyze. The results will appear in two separate tabs, as sound and image files. From there, you can choose whether you want to erase or keep each item found. You can also use the spectrum analyzer to visually check how the data in the files overlap. Moreover, it includes other tools, such as a tag editor and a tag converter.

In general, Similarity could effectively detect duplicates on my hard drive. However, some users complain about its reporting false duplicates. The application has versions specifically designed for 32 and 64-bit systems. Moreover, there is a premium version supporting some additional features.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It can compare the actual contents of two files
  • It works independently of file format
  • It supports multiple file formats


  • The analysis takes a long time
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