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Similarity can help you organize your collections of music and images
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Similarity can help you organize your collections of music and images by finding duplicate files. Moreover, it includes other features that allow editing and converting tags and analyzing quality.
Despite the evident complexity of the algorithms used to compare the contents of the files, the program is quite easy to use. In many respects, it resembles Windows File Explorer as there is a left panel displaying a directory tree, from which you can pick those folders you want to analyze. A click on a button starts processing the selected data, and when the results are ready, you can open the corresponding tab to view them.

In the case of audio files, Similarity uses a combination of methods that analyze tags and contents. Not only file names, tags and properties are considered, but also complex algorithms are used to explore your files’ acoustic fingerprint and find actual similarities between them.

However, this in-depth analysis may take a long time, and luckily, you can configure the desired level at which a given method should be used. Likewise, the program uses various methods to find similar images, and again, it is capable of analyzing their contents.

All in all, Similarity is very effective in finding duplicated songs and photographs. Luckily, it is highly customizable with even the possibility of using Java scripts to add new functionalities. Besides, it also allows taking advantage of your GPU’s computing power to accelerate the search process.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It actually explores the files’ contents
  • It produces very exact results
  • It uses powerful algorithms
  • It can use your GPU’s power to accelerate the process


  • The so-called “precise audio comparison method” is limited in the trial version
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